Hatch: What you'll learn

All you need to know about birth and postpartum in 33 videos and 6 cheatsheets.


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A midwife-led course

Prenatal education shouldn't be an inconvenience. Hatch™ is a digital birth course made for modern parents (to be). Short on-demand videos that walk you through all the essentials, at your pace. 

Module 1 - Process of labour

  • Signs of labour 
  • When to go to hospital
  • Dilation phase
  • Pushing phase
  • Tips for labour partners
  • Sofie’s secrets: visualisation in labour


Module 2 - Coping strategies and pain relief

  • Natural coping strategies
  • Breathing
  • Medical forms of pain relief
  • Tips for labour partners
  • Sofie’s secrets: breathing exercise 


Module 3 - Medical interventions 

  • Episiotomy 
  • Induction and augmentation of labour
  • C-sections
  • Assisted births
  • What labour partners need to know (and ask) about medical interventions
  • Sofies’ secrets: birth plan vs. birth wishlist


Module 4 - Immediate postpartum

  • Physical changes
  • Emotional changes and challenges
  • Your baby
  • What is postpartum like for the non-birthing parent? Tips to get involved and feel supported
  • Sofie’s secrets: nutrition tips to speed up postpartum recovery 


Module 5 - Early days with baby

  • Baby’s needs
  • Babycare: baby's first bath
  • Your recovery
  • Common conditions
  • Tips for partners
  • Sofie’s secrets: exercise in early postpartum period 


Module 6 - Breast, bottle, and formula feeding

  • Breastfeeding
  • Formula feeding
  • Mixed feeding
  • Pumping 
  • Tips for partners
  • Sofie’s secrets: feeding tips  



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